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Marcie Draped Top in Taupe
Marcie Draped Top in Taupe
Marcie Draped Top in Taupe

Allison Izu

Marcie Draped Top in Taupe


Meet our good friend, Marcie! She's serving up the cheer and the charm! 

A modern take on the classic t-shirt, the Marcie Draped Top gets along with anything you have in your wardrobe! She's the friend that will never say "no" to hanging out, and will stay by your side through thick and thin!

You can accomplish anything with encouragement from a friend! Let Marcie be there to cheer you on as you take on life! 

Go on an adventure with the Marcie Draped Top and bring along our favorite Cooke St. Straight Pants for an easy outfit! 

92% Rayon (Viscose) 8% Spandex 
100% Made in Hawaii 

Recommended Care Instructions for our good friend, Marcie: 

  • Hand wash or machine wash in a garment bag on gentle cycle
  • Lay flat to dry 
  • Low heat iron