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Why should I sign up for an IZU BOX?

The IZU BOX is a membership program that instantly gives you 30% OFF every time you shop for 3 or more Allison Izu styles.  You can get 3 pieces shipped to your door on a monthly basis or stop into the Kaimuki boutique to pick 3 of your favorites!

What if I don't need 3 Allison Izu pieces every month? 

You can choose to have your boxes shipped as few as 6 times a year to obtain the 30% OFF.  All you need to do is refuse the IZU BOX once you are notified. 

If you dont want need 6 IZU BOXES a year, sign up for the one-time fix!  It's still 15% OFF retail.

Will you always ship 2 tops and 1 pant?

No, you can customize your box at anytime, just email and let us know if you would like 3 tops, 1 top + 1 dress + 1 coverup.  You can customize it at anytime.