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Giveaway - Chinatown Jeans

This is our first giveaway!!!  Review the widget below and enter to win One (1) FREE Pair of Allison Izu Chinatown Trouser jeans.  These are the jeans that were featured in February 2012's O Magazine.  It is also flying off the shelves at Nordstrom too!

The first prize winner will win the Chinatown Trouser and 2 lucky runner up winners will win an Allison Izu logo top (sizes and styles are limited and will vary) 

You can enter numerous times and through different social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc.  so get clicking and go!  The winner will be notified 7 days after the close of the giveaway.

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Allison Izu in Oprah Magazine

One of the the most popular questions from petite women was asked in February's Oprah Magazine, and Allison Izu jeans was the answer!  Here is the question and answer:

Can I Wear Flared Jeans If I'm Short?

A: Yes!  But don't take regular flares and hem them - it will throw off proportions.  Try petite flares by Allison Izu, who designs a clothing line for women 5'6" and under.  "We not only shortened the hemline, we completely reworked the basic pattern to create the right waist-hip-knee-ankle ratio, to elongate a shorter woman's frame," says Izu.

Featured jean is the Chinatown Trouser, buy it here!

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